The IT we all have

You look your most beautiful,

Present the best of you,

It’s contagious and…

It brings joy to others too,

It can brighten another’s day,

It signifies the good,

It brings people together,

Whether a stranger or someone loved,

It doesn’t discriminate,

Young or old, we can all relate,

There is no language barrier,

We don’t need to translate,

Every culture understands,

It’s a multicultural sign,

So you smile at your end,

And I’ll smile at mine.

~ written by Leanne Harris Perry

Embrace the you – short poem

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way,

Acknowledge your own beauty every single day,

Learn to see the beauty in others but in yourself too,

Seeing the beauty within yourself is so much harder to do,

There will never be another you like a fingerprint we’re all unique,

Once you’re gone you’re gone forever you’ll be obsolete,

So embrace the things that make you – YOU – there can be no copycat,

There will only ever be one YOU,

How beautiful is that…


~ written by Leanne Harris Perry