Who we REALLY are

We’re REAL passionate about spreading the positivity whilst being realistic that trying to keep POSITIVE doesn’t always come easy. It’s time that we get REAL and HONEST about our day to day struggles as individuals. How do we improve our overall outlook on life and strive to be a more positive, happier version of ourselves? How can we focus on having a glass half full mentality even in the most difficult of times?  Finding balance in life can be hard, and at times we all struggle. We want to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be. We acknowledge things don’t always go to plan – it’s about having a RealPositive mentality while trying to juggle and balance REAL LIFE.


Our REAL LIFE Community

Come and join OUR REAL LIFE COMMUNITY of like minded individuals, who want to do their bit to inspire and be inspired, share ideas and help others. Our community is about real people irrelevant of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, culture, sexuality – or anything else with a label.

Whether your motivation to come here is for a daily dose of REAL POSITIVE quotes, a touch of REAL HONEST utilising our self-help articles, or a sprinkle of REAL LIFE stories from OUR REAL COMMUNITY, or just to liaise with like minded people in our forum and join in communal discussion – there is something out there for anybody who wants more positivity in their lives.




“Striving to be more positive isn’t about competing with the next person and being more positive than they are. It’s about the journey not the destination. It’s about progress not perfection. Just by making little changes daily you’re en route to a new more positive YOU.” 



Have you reflected recently?

Reflection. noun. Definition 1: Serious and careful thought. • Taking time to think, making logical decisions, building up your confidence, nurture your relationships, working on oneself, focusing within. Definition 2: The image of something or oneself, in a mirror or reflective surface. • Instant judgment, rash and harsh thoughts, pulling yourself down, lost confidence, low …

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